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14 feet and over 1000 pounds-you're going to be glad that there is glass in between you and him! Induna is a Nile Crocodile, one of the biggest species of Crocodile in the world! These guys hunt and eat more human beings than any other living animal, but don't worry! Induna hasn't eaten any visitors yet! Instead he munches on beef steaks and whole chickens!


The King (Cobra that is)

The King

This is the biggest venomous snake species in the world, growing to lengths longer than most species of python! At 14 feet long, this King is the largest venomous snake at any zoo in Canada. The King Cobra gets his title because of his preferred diet in the wild, other snakes! Luckily our King isn’t as picky as some of the members of his species; he dines on a rat every Saturday morning!


Mr Nibbles

This Red-Footed Tortoise is the mascot of our Fun Zone.  Most reptiles don't eat very much food at all; our giant crocodiles only eat a few chickens and steaks a month! Mr.Nibbles on the other hand is quite the glutton, happily devouring plates of leafy greens, fruit, and any colorful shoes that happen to wander through his exhibit.


Mr Nibbles the Redfoot Tortoise

Lou the Alligator


Lou the American Alligator is 9 feet long and 400 pounds, pretty big for a teenager! He looks pretty scary and intimidating, but he's a teddy bear in comparison to our other Crocodilians! All crocodilians like the water, but Lou seems to take this to the extreme! If you want him to come over for a visit, you don't call his name. Instead, send a jet of water anywhere into the exhibit and he'll rush over to chomp and roll playfully in the spray!



Diega is 19 feet of Reticulated Python, the largest of her kind in all of Canada! She's a powerful constrictor that subdues her prey by suffocation! You might wonder what such a massive carnivore eats. It's a rare event, occurring only three or four times a year, but it's something you don't want to miss out on!  Her meal will weigh anywhere from 40 - 75 pounds, and she swallows the entire thing in one single gulp that may take several hours. Her meal of choice? Goats!


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