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Reptilia Zoo Feeding Schedule
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Enjoy a Feeding at Reptilia

Part of the excitement of visiting Reptilia is to witness a reptile eating its meal!

As you probably know, many reptiles eat other animals including rodents, insects, birds, snakes, eggs and almost anything digestible for some lizards such as the monitor clan.

All prey items fed at Reptilia have been humanely euthanized as has been our policy since opening in 1996.

Every feeding is conducted by one of our Zoo Cast, each of whom has many years of experience in feedings. They will conduct the feeding after explaining what is about to take place and then as the prey is being consumed, answer any questions you may have.

So, if you have always wanted to see a large crocodile eat its meal – please come by to visit and stay for the feeding!! No danger to you – just the excitement of seeing something live that you likely have only seen on TV!

The video above is of one of our large pythons feeding. A few times a year she'll even eat a whole goat – quite a meal for a animal that has no arms, legs or cutting teeth to assist. Follow us on FaceBook for announcements. Click here to see her eating a 48lb goat!

We look forward to seeing you at Reptilia and please remember to bring your camera and take all the pictures you want!

2014 Feeding Schedule


11:45 AM King Cobra
1:45 PM American Alligator
3:45 PM Rattlesnakes
4:45 PM Python
11:45 AM Asian Water Monitor
1:45 PM Special Feeding*
3:45 PM American Alligator
4:45 PM Alligator Snapping Turtle
11:45 AM Boas or Anacondas
1:45 PM Spectacled Caiman
3:45 PM Mambas
4:45 PM Corn Snakes
11:45 AM Ontario Turtles
1:45 PM Asian Water Monitor
3:45 PM Venomous Workshop
4:45 PM Tegu Lizards
11:45 AM Egyptian Cobra
1:45 PM Nursery
3:45 PM Giant Legless Lizards
4:45 PM Vipers
11:45 AM Vipers
1:45 PM Green Anacondas
3:45 PM Green Tree Python
4:45 PM Cobras
11:45 AM Fer-de-Lance Viper
1:45 PM American Alligator
3:45 PM Black Throat Monitor
4:45 PM Taiwan Beauty Snakes



Because Animals Don't Follow Schedules All Feedings are Subject to Change